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How do I manage my classified ad?

To edit your classified ad, go to your main page, then click on "Edit Rewource button".

How do I join ScriptDirve as a reader?

Requirement: A minimum of 2 years reading for a studio, major or small production company, agency, contest or management company, or have at least 2 years of development experience.

Please send us an email with following details:
  • Your full name.
  • Name of the company/agency/contest you have worked for.
  • A script coverage sample (optional).
Our email: scriptdrive87@gmail.com

How do I (reader) rate and review a script?

As all our readers are independent, each coverage varies slightly. Some are more detailed than others. Some contain synopsis, while others don’t. The reader will have to copy and paste the parts of original coverage that the reader thinks are important as reviews are limited to 4000 characters. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Go to the script's main page, then click on the reader's tab.

Click on the stars as shown bellow.

Here is a sample template to help you get started.

Here’s an example of what a review should looks like.

Do I have to pay a fee?

Unlike most big sites, ScriptDrive is completely free for readers. We don't charge a fee per coverage, monthly fee, or annual fee from the reader.

What is the catch?

We're looking for tough critics here at ScriptDrive. Readers that tend not to give out many five or four star ratings. More to come…

Also, your clients can rate and review you as a reader. Your average lifetime rating must stay above 4 starts. If your rating falls below 4 starts, you will not be able to review scripts anymore.

How do I remove negative reviews and ratings?

First, you must let us know by reporting the review so we can investigate further.

To report a review: go to review you wish to report, then click on the report button.

How to respond to a rating?

You can do so by clicking on the reply button near the bottom left-hand corner of the review.
(Note: We recommend taking a balanced and polite approach to any negative reviews you receive.)
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