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All the technical stuff.

How to unsubscribe from Email notification?

Go to User


Uncheck both "Recieve site mailings" and Uncheck


How do I ignore a user?

1) Click on the user name you wish to ignore.
2) You can now ignore a user by simply adding him to your ignore list.

How to mention/tag any user in a post?

Just like in Twitter and Facebook, you can tag someone by putting an @ sign before their name, like:

Hey, @Max, can I get a copy of the script?

The person you tag will get an alert, with a link to the post.
(Note: As you start to type after the @ sign, you will get a list of matching users. It's a good idea to select from this list to ensure you have got the correct spelling.)

You don't need to tag someone if you are replying or quoting their post, as they will get an alert for that anyway, and generally people who have participated in a thread will be subscribed to it and will get an alert also.
To get alerted to tags, you need to have the appropriate preference set. It is set to ON by default.

How do I add attachments to PM/Conversations?

You can add an attachment to a PM/conversation by simply clicking on "upload a file" button.

How can I view all unread threads/posts?

The dot gives you a visual indication that there are unread posts in the thread.


For more thread sorting options, please click on the “Thread Display options” at the bottom of the thread’s list. Here you can sort threads using various option.


How do I upload/download an attachment?

To add the attachments to your thread simply click on the 'Upload' button, then upload files from your hard drive.
upload attach.png

To downlaod, simply click the link and download the script.
upload attach1.png

What are tags & how do I add tags?

Tags are a common method of adding keywords to content to aid searching and discovery. Scripts tags apply to the scripts itself, so they are displayed at the side of the script page. Clicking any tag will take you to a page displaying all scripts that has that tag attached to it:
Clicking the horror tag...
will bring all the scripts that has horror tag attached to it.
To add or edit a tag in an existing script, clicking the "edit" link shown in the below screenshot will bring up an overlay with a tag editor.

Press Enter after each tag entered. You can add as many tags as you'd like! When typing a tag in, auto-complete options will be displayed.

What are Prefixe & how do I add them?

Thread Prefixes allow you to apply pre-defined text to individual threads which is placed at the beginning of the thread title.

To add a thread prefixe:
At the top of the "Post New Thread" page, there will be a place for the title of your thread. Immediately left of that is a drop down menu for you to select a prefix. Choose the most appropriate one. If you're not sure, use "(No prefix)”.

How do I send/delete my PMs?

Sending PMs
On ScriptDrive they are called, Conversations. There are two ways to do this:

First Method:-
1. Click on the user name of the person you wish to send a PM.
sending pm step 1-2.png
2. You will see a box pop up. You'll then notice a link which reads, start a conversation. Click that.
sending pm step 1-1.png

Second Method :-
1. Go to your User Panel. Then click on Conversations.
sending pm step 2-1.png

2. You will be taken to your inbox. Click on "Start a New Conversation" on your right.
sending pm step 2-2.png

Deleting PM/Conversations
Leaving a conversation is the equivalent to deleting it from your inbox in other software. Once all participants have left the conversation, it is removed from the database.

1. Select the checkbox next to the PM you wish to Delete.
deleting pm.png

2. Then select "Leave Conversation".
deleting pm 1.png

How do I change the theme?

You can change the main theme by clicking on the word "Black Theme" located at the bottom of the page.
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