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Recent Showcase Items

  1. Heavy metal labyrinth

    A group of swat officers from the South Florida area are strategically placed in a hellish labyrinth funhouse inside a different dimension from earths. They must shoot their way out of the labyrinth and kill the many horrors that live in the funhouse and escape.
  2. Stand Tall!

    A Vegas waitress tripled in size falls for the scientist who accidentally enlarged her, sacrificing stature and stardom to save him when he's kidnapped.
  3. The Dancer Upstairs

    After meeting the dancer who lives upstairs a loner finds a deadly new purpose in life, and possibly a chance at redemption.
  4. The List

    Most people have one, the list of things they want to do... or people they want to get before they die. Harvey is the man who can make it happen for you, for the right price.