Wish List
- Stargirl DC Universe Pilot (Geoff Johns)
- The Witcher Netflix Pilot (writer unknown)
- The Joker (Todd Phillips, Scott Silver)
- Watchmen series pilot (Damon Lindelof)
- Uncharted (Jonathan Rosenberg and Mark Walker)
- Twilight Zone Jordan Peele reboot (writer unknown)
- Last Night In Soho (Edgar Wright)
- Once Upon a Time in America (Quentin Tarantino)
- Metal Gear Solid (Jay Basu, Derek Connolly)
- Justice League/Justice League Part One (preferably a draft by Snyder/Terrio)
- Untitled 2021 Flash movie drafts (Grahame-Smith, Famuyiwa, Goldstein/Francis-Daley, Mazeau, Harold)
tryna do what i want... failing