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    scripts scripts
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    i'd pool what I have, if it would help out as well and help and pay if needed.
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    Movie I Love You, Man

    Ditto :cool:
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    Movie I Love You, Man

    Does anyone have a draft of this?
  5. J

    Movie Nancy (2018)

    Logline: Nancy becomes increasingly convinced she was kidnapped as a child. When she meets a couple whose daughter went missing thirty years ago, reasonable doubts give way to willful belief. Worth a shot if someone has this? Please Pm
  6. J

    Movie The Other Woman (2014)

    LOL I know. Thanks again.
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    Movie The Other Woman (2014)

    Logline: After discovering her boyfriend is married, Carly soon meets the wife he's been betraying. And when yet another love affair is discovered, all three women team up to plot revenge on the three-timing S.O.B.
  8. J

    Movie The Other Woman (2009)

    Logline: The story of a woman dealing with her daughter's death while trying to keep her marriage and her relationship with her stepson.
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    Movie Boys on the Side (1995)

    Thank You!
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    Movie Boys on the Side (1995)

    Logline: Jane is a night club singer, out of work. Robin is a quirky real estate agent looking for a ride-share to accompany her to California. Her advertisement is answered by Jane, who at first was uncertain about her. A stop in Pittsburgh picks up a third, Holly, escaping a violent and...
  11. J

    Movie The Basketball Diaries (1995)

    Logline: A teenager finds his dreams of becoming a basketball star threatened after he free falls into the harrowing world of drug addiction.
  12. J

    Movie If I Stay (2014)

    Thank you!!!!
  13. J

    Movie If I Stay (2014)

    Logline: Based on the Gayle Forman YA - Life changes in an instant for young Mia Hall after a car accident puts her in a coma. During an out-of-body experience, she must decide whether to wake up and live a life far different than she had imagined. The choice is hers if she can go on.
  14. J

    Movie You Were Never Really Here (2017)

    Logline: A traumatized veteran, unafraid of violence, tracks down missing girls for a living. When a job spins out of control, Joe's nightmares overtake him as a conspiracy is uncovered leading to what may be his death trip or his awakening. I didn't see this on here, so here you go.
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    Movie PEPPERMINT (2018)

    Thank You!!!!!
  16. J

    Movie Mad Love (1995)

    Logline: Matt falls in love with the new girl, Casey. He soon finds out she's not your typical high school girl. Her parents have her committed to a psychiatric hospital, but Matt helps her break out. They leave school and family behind to go on the run together.
  17. J

    Movie Dangerous Minds (1995)

    Logline: An ex-Marine turned teacher struggles to connect with her students in an inner city school.
  18. J

    Movie Anywhere But Here (1999)

    Logline: A mother and daughter search for success in Beverly Hills.
  19. J

    Movie Peeping Tom (1960)

    Logline: A young man murders women, using a movie camera to film their dying expressions of terror.