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  1. Sean211


    I ordered two scripts from Scriptfly: Let's call them Script A and Script B. They sent Script A, but not the other, calling it a partial shipment. Then I noticed Script B was removed from their website listings (after being there to order yesterday). Now it's gone and so is my $14.95. After...
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    Here's the screenplay. Ambrose is correct in that it's in a published book (along with Platoon). But it's in that weird format like all of William Goldman's published screenplays. That and it really is hard to come by. I found my copy (which is pretty boogered up at that) at Half Price Books...
  3. Sean211

    TV The Newsroom

    Does anyone have the official pilot script for "The Newsroom" (Sorkin). I have the working draft copy that everyone else has, but I've seen "signed" (re: I signed the script and am now trying to sell it for $300) copies on eBay which looks like an official "revised final" version with title "We...
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    Penny Marshall
  5. Sean211


    Sondra Locke Actress and director Sondra Locke, who received a supporting actress Oscar nomination in her first movie role for “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter,” died Nov. 3 at 74. The Los Angeles County Public Health Department confirmed her death. She died due to breast and bone cancer...
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    Movie Sleepless In Seattle

    I’m considering it. And by considering it, I mean I probably will.
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    Movie Sleepless In Seattle

    Yep. I was trying to avoid paying over $60. However, I’m inching toward it, it seems.
  8. Sean211

    Movie Sleepless In Seattle

    I've got the 5.10.92 draft. Does anyone have any of the earlier drafts? 11.20.91 2.10.92 8.29.92
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    Movie Chinatown (1st draft?)

    I’d be interested too.
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    Ken Berry:
  11. Sean211

    Movie Night School

    Before the site shuts down, does anyone have a draft of this recent Kevin Hart vehicle?
  12. Sean211

    IMPORTANT Good-Bye!

    It's been a great site. I came here initially when I googled "Basic Instinct" for any other drafts. I landed here and was amazed. Not since "MyPDFScripts" had I found a resource this good. I was in a hotel room in Fort Lauderdale getting ready to head out for a cruise the next day, which meant...
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    TV Any Hallmark scripts

    Many thanks for these. Any idea where the eleventy billion Hallmark Christmas movie scripts might be tucked away?
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    Pooling money to buy scripts.

    Another “oh hell no” example. What he bought it for at auction and his BS eBay price.
  15. Sean211

    Pooling money to buy scripts.

    Yeah, no.
  16. Sean211

    Pooling money to buy scripts.

    I’m torn between an individual getting what they can in the open market vs stupid pricing. For example, I have two original drafts of “Corvette Summer” (when it was called Stingray). I could see selling them for a couple hundred bucks. But if I were the individual on eBay selling scripts at...
  17. Sean211

    Movie Kissinger and Nixon

    1995 movie (TV movie) I've got a hard copy of the script "The Day Reagan Was Shot" (2001) I could scan and trade.
  18. Sean211

    Movie Stallone's THE BODYGUARD

    Somewhat related: Stallone’s notebook he used to write the original Rocky
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    Movie An Officer and a Gentleman - Need Legit Scan

    Two scanned drafts: 1979 - Early Draft 1981 - Final Draft
  20. Sean211

    Movie Baseball screenplays

    A dramatization of the Black Sox scandal when the underpaid Chicago White Sox accepted bribes to deliberately lose the 1919 World Series. Written by: John Sayles