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  1. Ambrose Chapel

    IMPORTANT Site Shutting Down!

    So long everyone! Been fun. I can be found at The Last Reveal, my screenwriting blog (which is soon to be closed down--after I publish most of the articles in a new critical anthology with the same name--the book is ready to go except for the cover art). Also, I have 2 scripts that have made...
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    Movie Twilight Zone the movie

    This is likely to only be found through an equivalent-value (in rarity) trade. It's out there, as is BOILING POINT, your other request. But they circulate only at the higher levels. Good luck. I hear, now, Twilight Zone - The Movie is also available at Script City.
  3. Ambrose Chapel

    Salvatore It is a published script.
  4. Ambrose Chapel

    Question Tagging files.

    It's just preference. But there are good reasons for it. I do it writer-name-first because, aside from the occasional NCP (No Cover Page) copy, there's always a writer, and that's a search parameter. When I have an NCP I look up the writer(s) on IMDb and put it/them into the file name (while...
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    Here's a link...

    Here's a link: I'll take it down in a few days.
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    Question 2018 Blacklist scripts

    See the second post on this page.
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    2018 Hit List

    It's out. Ambrose
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    Movie Looking for this Script

    Check your thumb drive.
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    Group members? Script Drive members? There is, a pay site where many of...

    Group members? Script Drive members? There is, a pay site where many of us go. I'm Lobo-Tommy there. Or do you mean the discussion in the SD Forums about setting up a new site? I see there is a grass roots effort to do something, but I don't know much. I am part of a few...
  10. Ambrose Chapel

    What Lies Beneath (pg 2 of 12-1-99 draft)

    Happens all the time when you use a flatbed scanner because you stop for some reason and then can't remember if you did a page already or not. That's why sometimes you find repeating pages, too.
  11. Ambrose Chapel

    Movie Philadelphia Story (1940)

    I'm aware of these three drafts being "out there": Get Shorty (Revised 10-15-1993) (132 p.) (Scan) Get Shorty (Revised 1-24-1995) (171 p.) (Scan) Get Shorty (Undated) (122 p.) (Digital)
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    Movie Philadelphia Story (1940)

    Who's Garcias?
  13. Ambrose Chapel

    Movie Philadelphia Story (1940)

    It has never popped up, as far as I know.
  14. Ambrose Chapel

    Movie Chinatown (1st draft?)

    Have you actually seen this draft? I haven't, and that film's scripts and I go back pretty far. I am the one who originally uploaded the 8-3-1973 draft at WTR in 2014. It was my scan of a hard copy that I bought at Hollywood Book & Poster well over 3 decades ago. And it has the earlier ending at...
  15. Ambrose Chapel

    Movie The Curse of La Llorona

    Depends on if you are analyzing/considering the choices made, or if you're reading to find out what happens next.
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    Met him once at The Magic Castle in Hollywood. Nice guy.
  17. Ambrose Chapel

    IMPORTANT Good-Bye!

    Thanks, Max! Be well! Ambrose
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    Movie Awards Season (2018-19)

    Hi Bob (takes a drink), Thanks for these. FYI - The Welles script's watermark is removable.
  19. Ambrose Chapel

    Best tail scene

    Keaton broke his neck when the water hit him. But he was in such great shape that his neck muscles handled it enough that he never realized it was actually a fracture until years later when a medical exam spotted it.
  20. Ambrose Chapel

    Best tail scene

    That's the scene where he broke his neck and never knew it until years later. Ambrose