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  1. Alexxx

    IMPORTANT Site Shutting Down!

    While I thought your less than cordial etiquette and attitude leaves much to be admired, I’ve always maintained your sharing of screenplays rocked. Especially that Mad Max Fury Road storyboard I mistakenly thought had already been shared and acted like a tit about it. Bygones?
  2. Alexxx

    IMPORTANT Site Shutting Down!

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the people who shared screenplays - LeSamouri and Capt Chaos, you guys rock - and everyone else I coresponded with via dms and everyone who contributed to this forum and kept things lively. That’s a lot of everyones. Cheers!
  3. Alexxx

    Movie Madeline’s Madeline

    Anyone seen this around? I was spellbound watching the film. Helena Howard is a hell of a talent. I’d also appreciate any other screenplays by Josephine Decker.
  4. Alexxx

    IMPORTANT Site Shutting Down!

    Thanks for creating and hosting this forum, Max. Hope all’s well. Cheers!
  5. Alexxx

    Movie Happy New Year, Colin Burstead

    Anyone seen this one making the rounds? Haven’t seen it yet but I’m always down for anything by Ben Wheatley. Apparently, it aired on BBC2 last week.
  6. Alexxx


    North Colorado these days. Originally, from Miami. I fly to NY, Vegas, LA, and the 305 often enough for work. I dig NOCO but the lack of good So Am and Caribbean food - Cuban, Haitian, DR, PR, Colombian, Peruvian, etc. - here is awful.
  7. Alexxx

    Movie Ingmar Bergman screenplays

    Anyone care to share English translations of any of Bergman’s screenplays? Been obsessing over Winter Light due to its influence on First Reformed, which is basically a riff or homage on it, and The Silence because it’s so damn good recently. I’d appreciate any links, dm’s, or insults on the...
  8. Alexxx

    Movie Bad Blood

    Has this made the rounds? Hell, has it even been written yet? Apparently, it’s Adam McKay’s next project based on the book about the Theranos debacle. Jennifer Lawrence is slated to star as Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos. The book, BAD BLOOD: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley...
  9. Alexxx

    2018 Hit List

    Neither here nor there, but what’s with all the typos on the tracking board hit list page? I wanted to read up on these scripts and nearly each synopsis is riddled with misspellings. Truly amateur hour over there.
  10. Alexxx

    Movie Middle of Nowhere

    Can someone dm me this screenplay? I’d also appreciate any other scripts DuVernay has written. Thanks!
  11. Alexxx

    Fan theories about Star Wars.

    Jar Jar as the true Master of the Sith gave me a chuckle.
  12. Alexxx

    Movie NYMPH( )MANIAC

    Antichrist is his most polarizing film. Here are some keen insights and criticism of the film. A pair of my favorites: “Watching this film was like having bad sex with someone you loathe – a hideous combination of sheer boredom and disgust. I hated it, and I hate the director for making it.”...
  13. Alexxx

    Movie NYMPH( )MANIAC

    Yeah, he really is an acquired taste. However, I found both Melancholia and Antichrist to be stellar films and marvelously scripted and crafted. Multiple sequences in Antichrist have stayed with me throughout the years after the initial reaction of disgust. The child on the ledge, the fox, the...
  14. Alexxx

    Movie NYMPH( )MANIAC

    Because nearly all his films are compelling, challenging, well-acted, well-scripted professional productions? Not to mention creative and thought provoking and shit. Give me a dozen Von Triers for every Spielberg or Bay and I’ll be a happy man. I will say I found Nymphomania to be a lesser...
  15. Alexxx

    Movie First Reformed by Paul Schrader

    So has this been shared? Saw it last night and thought it was brilliant.
  16. Alexxx

    Movie The House That Jack Built

    This actually piques my interest far more than if it were a straightforward slasher flick or a mundane exploration of murderers like the highly overrated Mindhunters series.
  17. Alexxx

    Film Lookbooks

    PM me your email. Thanks
  18. Alexxx

    Movie The Modern Ocean

    Shame. I’d love to dissect how the screenplay differs from the film.
  19. Alexxx

    Movie The Modern Ocean

    Figured as much. Carruth and company got smart after the Upstream Color and A Topiary leaks. Has Primer or any other of his writing ever made the rounds?
  20. Alexxx


    But aren’t pleasant exchanges of views so fun? They can also be informative and enlightening.