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  1. dcook577

    IMPORTANT Site Shutting Down!

    I signed up. Dcook577. Can't seem to find the group. Could you add me, please? Thanks.
  2. dcook577

    IMPORTANT Site Shutting Down!

    I'm in. Discord or Google Drive fine with me. Great community, so it would be a shame not to stay in touch.
  3. dcook577

    Movie Brightburn

    Would love to read this if anyone has managed to snag it.
  4. dcook577


    I’m happy to contribute to a new site or whatever is decided. I’d like to keep in touch with folk on here, as it’s been fun. Keep me in the loop on how things develop. I check in here every day, so will watch out for details.
  5. dcook577

    IMPORTANT Good-Bye!

    Sorry to hear this, Max. Thanks for everything and good luck!
  6. dcook577

    Movie The Suffering - Cancelled video game adaptation (2005 - ?)

    I just picked these up on PC today in a sale. I remember really enjoying them back on the original Xbox, so looking forward to getting stuck in again.
  7. dcook577

    Movie Bloodlist 2018

    Ah! Cheers.
  8. dcook577

    Movie Bloodlist 2018

    Are the Fresh Blood Selects out there?
  9. dcook577

    Movie Bloodlist 2018

    Thank you!
  10. dcook577

    Movie Bloodlist 2018

    Kicking it off.
  11. dcook577

    Movie Night of the Comet Definitely one of the more stranger remake choices. Big fan of the original. Would love to read the modern day take on it. Article states she's currently writing it so just getting the...
  12. dcook577

    Movie Pet Cemetary
  13. dcook577

    Movie Pet Cemetary Poster. Trailer tomorrow.
  14. dcook577

    Movie Deliver us from Evil (2014) by Scott Derrickson and Paul Harris Boardman

    Probably on the Google drive. I'm sure this was posted before.
  15. dcook577

    Robert McKee’s Art of Fear

    I don’t suppose anyone is going to this, or has taken it before? I would love to read notes if someone has them. Bit of ask, but just throwing it out there.
  16. dcook577

    Movie Venom

    Currently getting mauled in reviews. Would like to know if anyone's read this and can comment on how much it was neutered once they've seen it.
  17. dcook577

    Movie The Crow Reborn

    Anyone come across this one now that it’s dead in the water?
  18. dcook577

    Movie Overlord

    Looks like pure pulpy fun.
  19. dcook577

    Movie Hell Fest Anybody come across this? There seems to be a hell of a lot of writers attached to it!
  20. dcook577

    Movie Maniac Cop (Ed Brubaker)

    Anyone ever stumble across this? Does it even exist? I’ve not heard anything about since the announcement a good while back.