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    Movie Scarpa by Nicholas Pileggi

    Thanks Max. I understand now. I am sorry to hear about the stress of the site I am sorry to hear about your health being in question. I really hope you work all that out in a positive way.
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    Movie Scarpa by Nicholas Pileggi

    Do you think they would water it down if Martin Scorcese, or Francis Ford Coppola, or Brian De Palma would direct it? Do you think those heavyweights could do the script any justice?
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    Movie Searching For Some Scripts

    Since the site is shutting down in a few days, I am not sure if I can still make script requests but here it goes: I am searching for these scripts: Scarpa Nicholas Pileggi version Hidalgo starring Viggo Mortensen Hercules 1983 by Luigi Cozzi Adventures Of Hercules 1985 by Luigi Cozzi...
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    Movie Scarpa by Nicholas Pileggi

    No I was not aware of that. It explains a lot. It explains why I cannot find some previous scripts that were on here, when I use the search function. Wasn't there a Cloud account or a dropbox account that all the previous scripts were put into? Can you tell me why the site is shutting down...
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    Movie Scarpa by Nicholas Pileggi

    I have a copy of the Steve Shagan draft with revisions by Vincent Patrick. Send me a PM with your email address and it is yours. Thanks Le Samourai. But, the only this is that I cannot find an option to PM you on here. Can you tell me or show me how to PM on here again?
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    hi lesamourai. Thanks for offering one version of the scarpa draft. But, it is not giving me...

    hi lesamourai. Thanks for offering one version of the scarpa draft. But, it is not giving me the option to PM. Can you show me or tell me how to PM on here?
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    Movie Scarpa by Nicholas Pileggi

    I do not see any of the versions of the Scarpa draft on here. Is it possible that anyone could re-post any of the Scarpa drafts please, whether it is the Steve Shagan and Vincent Patrick version or the Pileggi version? Thanks In Advance
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    Movie Clockers

    I would love to read this as well.
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    Curious, but does anyone have For A Few Dollars More?
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    Movie Untitled Detroit Project

    If anyone gets this, I would love to be added to the PM list also, as I would love a copy of this one.
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    TV The Tarzan/Lone Ranger Adventure Hour

    I loved this tv show when it appeared on CBS back during the early '80's. I heard that the tv teleplays were available, so I wanted to know if anyone had any copies of the tv scripts.
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    TV The Incredible Hulk "Prometheus" Episode 1980 Parts 1 & 2

    Season 4: Episode 58 - 59 Parts 1 & 2 Original Release Date: November 7, 1980 & November 14, 1980 Writer: Kenneth Johnson Director: Kenneth Johnson Type: TV Show Episode Genre: Science Fiction Starring: Bill Bixby, Jack Colvin, Laurie Prange, Ric Drasin(Bodybuilder, uncredited)...
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    TV The Incredible Hulk Returns (1988)

    Director: Nicholas Corea Release Date: 1988 Starring: Bill Bixby, Jack Colvin, Steve Levitt, Eric Kramer Genre: Science Fiction Type: TV Movie Plot: Finally! It seems as if the tortured scientist David Banner has conquered his personal demon in the form of the Incredible Hulk. He...
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    Movie Untitled Detroit Project

    Please add me to the PM list as I would love to read a copy. Thanks
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    Movie Warlock the Armageddon

    Does anyone have the first one from 1989?
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    Movie (1985) The Last Dragon and Untitled Last Dragon Sequel

    The Last Dragon - (1985) Cult Classic about a martial artist who is looking for the ultimate style of kung-fu. He is the last dragon. A little on the campy side, but a good, solid movie nonetheless in my opinion. Untitled Last Dragon Sequel - In which the villain of the first movie returns...
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    Movie Untitled Greastest American Hero and Untitled The Master Of Kung-Fu Scripts.

    Untitled Greatest American Hero Movie Screenplay - In which Ralph went public with the super suit, and became a public sensation and well respected by the people. But, a twist in the story was thrown in for good measure as the aliens who gave Ralph Hinkley the super suit were harboring a secret...
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    TV 1960's Wild Wild West

    Does anyone have the 1960's series episodes of this incredible tv show? I am looking for episode - "Night of the Burning Diamond" I know this is extremely difficult to find, so any episode will do. Thank You Much
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    Movie Exploitation Films

    Does anyone have: The Mack Superfly
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    TV The Incredible Hulk

    And to Legba or anyone else out there, is it possible that you have "The Return Of The Incredible Hulk" or "The Incredible Hulk Returns" (1988)?