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  1. aemon123

    What script are you reading right now?

    it's so fucken great, man.
  2. aemon123

    Movie The Kitchen

    It's actually really good. Excited to see a trailer.
  3. aemon123

    Movie Mortal Kombat (reboot)

    The character descriptions are accurate. The latest draft is still bad. This film isn't getting made any time soon.
  4. aemon123

    Movie Halloween

    This guy is exactly correct lol!
  5. aemon123

    Movie Halloween

    I know someone who went to the test screening a couple of days ago. They really liked the film. 19/20 people in their focus group gave it a "good" or higher rating. But the film had some issues. It didn't have an ending, for one. They think it can break Fresh on RT with some more work.
  6. aemon123

    Google Drive Link!

    Is anybody having trouble searching? I search the exact term from the scriptlist, but it still turns up nothing. Is there no way to currently search automatically?
  7. aemon123

    Movie Ready Player One (Shooting Script)

    Hey guys! I have an undated RPO draft that was sent to me, but I wanted something that was written a bit closer to release. This one looks like it was written before Spielberg came on. Basically I want to compare it to the final film because it felt kinda truncated. In short, if anyone has the...
  8. aemon123

    Movie SUPERHERO Scripts Thread

    Speaking of THE FLASH, anyone got a draft of the upcoming movie? Any draft. It's been through SO MANY writers, someone's bound to have SOMETHING. Anything.
  9. aemon123

    TV Watchmen by Damon Lindelof

    I would really love to read it as well, guys! If anyone happens across a copy, let us know!
  10. aemon123

    Movie Justice League