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    Northern CA
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    IMPORTANT Site Shutting Down!

    Just downloaded the app as well and sent a request.
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    Script Trading: The Sharers vs. the Traders

    So, as someone that has been collecting scripts for a while, I've mostly just did it for research purposes as well as to study the craft of screenwriting. As for which side I'm on, sharing is caring.
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    IMPORTANT Good-Bye!

    Sorry to hear about your health issues, Max. I just want to say as an aspiring screenwriter, this site was more than helpful in my writing as well as continuing my love for film. Hope you get better and may you have a wonderful holiday season.
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    PREDATOR Remake

    As someone that has both read the original script and saw the movie early, I was a little bit disappointed with it and wished that a) they kept the original ending and b) Black and Dekker did another rewrite on this movie because there are some good ideas in this movie. They just focused on the...
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    Movie Men in Black spinoff

    Interesting. This gives me a bit of faith in the film.
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    Unproduced Scripts

    I think it does. It would be interesting to see what the original idea and intention was behind the film. What is the script?
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    What movies or TV-shows did you guys see lately?

    I saw Annihilation, Game Night,and Mute last week and thought all three films were really good.
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    Movie Ballerina by Shay Hatten

    So, I just finished the script and I really enjoyed it. Now, while I do like it and can see it working within the John Wick universe, a part of me is kinda wondering whether or not it should stand on it's own. But, that's just me.
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    Movie Emojimovie: Express Yourself (starring T.J. Miller)

    Just watched this interesting movie on how this movie got green-lighted and ultimately made.
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    Movie Untitled Detroit Project

    If anyone gets the script, I would love to be added to the PM
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    Movie Friday The 13th (Aaron Guzikowski)

    So, I just read the Guzikowski script. I liked the first half of the script with Pamela and Elias as the killers. But, then once Jason came into the fray, it started getting on convoluted and confusing as well as "been there done that." But, I can see where Guzikowski was going with the script...
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    Movie John Wick (revised draft)

    Chapter Two was awesome. It actually reminded me a lot of The Raid 2: Bernthal
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    Getting To Know You

    Cool. I plan on going to college in LA. Just curious, do you have any advice on getting any jobs like as PA or a staff writer? How do most people go about that? Also, should I write a spec script or actually come up with a pilot?
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    Getting To Know You

    Hi, I'm Josh. I'm a high school senior living in Northern California. I am a film buff as well as an aspiring screenwriter. Currently, I am writing my first full-length feature screenplay. I also read scripts as a hobby
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    Saban's Krispy Kreme's Formerly Disney's POWER RANGERS is preposterously bad

    Personally, as a fan of both the first trailer as well as the Max Landis draft, I liked the trailer. There were a couple of jokes I felt were a bit immature and off-putting like the whole "pee in that cup" scene. What I am concerned about is tone. Is it this suppose to be really serious or...
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    How many scripts a week do you read?

    I try to read one a day, but due to my schedule (I'm a senior in high school) I've only been able to read a few on the weekend or when I have nothing to do
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    Best & Worst Films of the Year (Thus Far)

    I will. And to be honest, I wrote this very late at night on. On New Years, no less
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    Best & Worst Films of the Year (Thus Far)

    To be honest, The Neon Demon is the third film from Refn I've seen besides Drive and Only God Forgives
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    Best & Worst Films of the Year (Thus Far)

    My Favorite Films of 2016: Note: Also, I wasn't able to see every movie this year. This includes: The Witch, Swiss Army Man, Hell or High Water, Sausage Party, Kubo & The Two Strings, War Dogs, Don't Think Twice, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Hacksaw Ridge, Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them...