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    Movie Zombieland Double Tap

    I'd love to read this
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    Site Shutting Down!

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    Movie Halloween

    Sorry I missed the script.
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    Movie Eighth Grade

    Or Best Popular Film (too soon?)
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    I'd be interested
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    Movie Burnt

    Here's the untitled Chef Project
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    The libraries near me don't have McSweeney's.
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    Movie LOWLIFE (2017)

    If you subscribe to Backstory Magazine they have it in the current issue
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    Movie Le Tigre by Peter Cohn

    You mean this isn't a Zoolander spinoff?
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    Movie Lethal Weapon (1985 1st Draft)

    Thank you so much. I looked and looked but somehow missed it
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    Movie Lethal Weapon (1985 1st Draft)

    Can someone repost this? I can't find it in the google drive
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    Movie War Room (2015)

    I can walk
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    TV End Of The F*****g World - Charlie Covell

    Seconded. I flat out LOVED this show
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    Movie Award Season (2016-17)

    OOOOOOOh. Detroit!!!!!!!
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    Movie REQUEST : What Happen To Monday?

    I find it funny that it was actually posted on a Monday
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    Movie The Five Engagment

    Here's a scanned draft. No clue what the draft date is
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    Name that movie

    If it's from The WB or UPN it's from YEARS ago as they merged into the CW. That would explain why he's not sure.
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    Movie Dumbo by Ehren Kruger

    Agreed. Arlington Road is heavily underrated.