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    He hasn't responded to me yet either; I'd say be patient. He and I have always had good interactions, he just tends to get busy and sidetracked sometimes.
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    TV 2019 TV Pilots

    Thank you jbird :)
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    TV 2019 TV Pilots

    Is there a link? I cannot find it
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    Site Shutting Down!

    If we qualify to be part will you reach out to us?
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    Movie Scarpa by Nicholas Pileggi

    You are aware that the board no longer allows attachments and is getting shut down in a couple weeks?
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    Google script drive?

    Did you ever do anything with them?
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    IMPORTANT Good-Bye!

    Much respect to you and best wishes.
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    Pooling money to buy scripts.

    Put me on the list.
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    TV Any & All 2018 Pilots

    No. Nick Wooten (who co-wrote the episode in which Bobby died, amongst others) and Matt Ohlmstead.
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    Movie Sandman by Rossio & Elliot - scans

    Based on the Neil Gaiman comic. Does anyone have actual scanned copies of their two drafts? I used to but lost them in a move.
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    Movie Venom

    That's kind of a silly analogy. The Crow and Spawn are the only one of those that can be considered a "Batman 89 era" movie, as they were produced in the wake of that movie's success. Fantastic Four and Daredevil would be Raimi Spider-man era movies more than Batman 89 ones.
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    Movie Kevin Williamson's original Scream 3 script

    I don't know about his treatment, and I have no actual evidence of any of this, but I don't believe a complete draft actually exists. I remember reading an article about him years ago, right after 3 came out, and the long and short of it was, he burned all his bridges for a number of years...
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    Movie Silver & Black

    I frequently think the only reason why this place is still here is because no one trading at the level most people are here has any good shit they'll actually post, and studios protect their IPs strongly enough that they're hardly worried about trading at this level anymore. And I can guarantee...
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    Movie Silver & Black

    Go for it. I need some entertainment in my life.
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    Hardcopy Screenplay Collection

    PM me if you have a list as well, please.
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    Movie Uncharted

    What script dump?
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    Site Upgrade!

    Sleek new look. I like it.
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    Me too. I'd also like to know what kind of director...on a major studio film...just up and decides "Hey, let's not bother shooting the whole movie!" And what producer let him.
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    I'd temper my expectations on the movie, considering the director didn't bother to shoot the whole script: