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  1. Lon

    Movie Orson Welles

    Same here. Touch of Evil is a sadly overlooked worked of brilliance. In one of my few and sporadic brushes with fame, I once shared a series of emails with Roger Ebert over our mutual affinity for that flick.
  2. Lon

    Movie Lady in the Water by M. Night Shyamalan

    Look, I'm just expressing an opinion on the movie. I thought it was awful. I didn't know it had gone through 13 drafts, but that certainly explains a lot. If you haven't got your script nailed down before double-digit drafts, maybe it's time to set it aside and work on something else, 'cuz...
  3. Lon

    Movie Lady in the Water by M. Night Shyamalan

    At the time he still had marquee value because of the successes of The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. He hadn't yet made a string of bombs. There's no counting how many times a studio/prodco has coughed up major green for a script without having even read it, based solely on the star power of...
  4. Lon

    Movie Lady in the Water by M. Night Shyamalan

    There are some Shyamalan scripts out there, but Lady in the Water ain't one of 'em. Here are the ones you can find rather easily: Labor of Love (unproduced) The Sixth Sense Unbreakable Signs The Village (original title: The Woods) The Happening (original title: The Green Effect) If you can...
  5. Lon

    Movie Shot Lists

    If you're going to be directing it yourself, you don't need to meet any standard as far as a shot list goes. This is especially true if you're also acting as your own cinematographer. Directing even a short is a lot of work, and there's no need to worry yourself over what a shot list is...
  6. Lon

    Movie Escape from New York (Remake)

    There was a time when I thought Rodriguez could do no wrong. El Mariachi, Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn, The Faculty, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Planet Terror, Sin City, Machete -- love 'em all to death. But starting with Predators I feel like he's been steadily going downhill. Hopefully...
  7. Lon


    Well lookie here. I've been out of town the last several days and got back home today expecting this place to have officially gone the way of the dodo bird, polite political discourse and John Cusack's big screen career. Yet here it is, still up and running. Right on.
  8. Lon

    Site Shutting Down!

    One last hurrah for Max (hurrah!). Ambrose, good luck at New Blood! See you around, folks. Peace, love and all that crap. :D
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    I don't know if it's the only draft available, but it's the only draft I have. :/
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    No problem. :)
  11. Lon

    Haywire Limited time offer!
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    Site Shutting Down!

    After opening the app and logging in, you should see a small box top center which reads "search people." Search "cracken" instead.
  13. Lon

    Movie Request: The Replacement killers Get it while it's hot, I'll be taking it down in a couple days.
  14. Lon

    Movie Searching For Some Scripts

    I wouldn't hold my breath for the Cozzi scripts. I'm a big Italian genre fan and through my own research over the years learned that low-budget Italian exploitation filmmakers never seemed to bother keeping scripts, and more often than not they would be rewritten throughout production anyway...
  15. Lon

    Site Shutting Down!

    Okay. Couldn't sign up with my SD name because "Lon" was already taken, so I signed up with my musician name instead. You'll know it when you see it. :D
  16. Lon

    Site Shutting Down!

    All right, I downloaded Keybase and started an account. Now what?
  17. Lon

    Site Shutting Down!

    I believe that's one of the the alternate titles for the rumored film adaptation of the recent government shutdown. My source tells me they're looking at Tori Spelling as Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Paulie Shore as Stephen Miller, with Trump to be portrayed by a poorly trained orangutan in a...
  18. Lon

    Movie Mandy (2018)

    I don't know of a link for it. Check your email instead. :D
  19. Lon

    Movie Mandy (2018)

    I'll be a sum-bitch. I just asked over on WTR if this script ever made it out. I totally forgot I even had it. Pfft!!!
  20. Lon


    That's a fun flick. The finale in the auto-testing facility is crazy as hell. Fun fact: that movie's proceeds were supposed to go to a benefit for the Hong Kong Director's Guild (thus all the cameos from multiple HK directors like Lau Kar Leung, Yuen Woo Ping, John Woo and many others) but...