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  1. Krisg1234

    Movie Friday The 13th: The Beginning

    we just need one more good film so that there are 13 movies in the series.
  2. Krisg1234

    Movie Friday the 13th

    Tina Shepard could just raise her from the dead, no big deal.
  3. Krisg1234

    Movie Friday the 13th

    Somebody already wrote that script. it's on the site somewhere.
  4. Krisg1234

    Movie Resident Evil - Reboot script by Greg Russo

    i'd also like to read MK if anybody is sharing.
  5. Krisg1234

    Movie Other Jurassic Park 4 drafts

    you should watch Roger Corman's Carnosaur 2. it is exactly like Aliens but with raptors instead.
  6. Krisg1234

    Movie Jason X: Hell Freezes Over

    Do you have the sequel script? If so, what would you want in trade?
  7. Krisg1234

    What are...

    Payback, Halloween 6 Curse of Michael Myers
  8. Krisg1234

    Movie God Particle

  9. Krisg1234

    Movie Batman And Robin Akiva Goldsman

    Are the earlier drafts any better than what was eventually filmed?
  10. Krisg1234

    Movie Friday the 13th

    You would be my hero if you could share this script :D
  11. Krisg1234

    Movie Famous Unproduced Scripts

    I would trade one of my kidneys for a chance to read it.
  12. Krisg1234

    Movie Friday the 13th

    You guys still looking for the guzikowski draft?
  13. Krisg1234

    Movie Friday the 13th

    Sorry, i couldnt access the vip section until just now. I figured if i was able to find it, it was probably in vip, but i thought others without access to vip might want to read it. I may still be unclear about the rules, but i thought it is safe to post once the film is officially cancelled.
  14. Krisg1234

    Movie Aliens sequel by Neill Blomkamp

    It would be very easy to just write off Alien 3 & 4 as dreams Ripley had while she was in cryo-stasis.
  15. Krisg1234

    Movie Friday The Thirteenth (Nick Antacosta Draft)

    My eyes are welling up with tears of joy right now. Thank you so much for sharing.
  16. Krisg1234

    Movie Joe Carnahan's Death Wish

    Can i please have a copy?
  17. Krisg1234

    Movie Looking for this Script

    I have the Ed Wood Draft and the David Mamet rewrite, but if you want the earlier unproduced draft by Clark Gregg & Russ Meyer I'll need something spectacular in trade. In particular, I'm looking for the upcoming I Spit On Your Grave 4 that Spielberg & Lucas collaborated on.
  18. Krisg1234

    Movie Friday The 13th (2009)

    I haven't seen this one on the site at all, so here is the screenplay for the 2009 Platinum Dunes reboot of Friday The 13th. There are a few minor differences between the script and the finished film. the scene where Pamela Voorhees dies is in the middle of the script instead of being the...
  19. Krisg1234

    Movie Make a wish...

    A Nightmare On Elm Street - The Dream Lover by Peter Jackson