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    Movie Gillian Flynn

    Widows is now about. I’m hoping I catch @Captain Chaos on a good day and he shares what scraps of information he’s willing about the draft of Strangers (On A Train) he has. Namely if it still sticks to the actor/awards race/planning on a jet angle and the tone of the thing.
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    Movie World War Z 2

    Pitt and Fincher are still really tight (Pitt spent a lot of time after his divorce staying with Fincher), they have nearly collaborated on several other projects (including Finchers aborted 20,000 Leagues). Fincher was close to adapting Kelly’s Eutopia and as for this being a “sequel” I always...
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    Movie Killers of the Flower Moon

    Currently reading this and it’s so evocative. I can totally see what you were saying @WicksCherrycoke about it sparking imaginations. It’s practically all written out for a writer, some of the details are inspired. Thoroughly enjoying.
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    Movie Interview with the Vampire

    Del Toro also posted a tweet about the above projects which are still active. Maybe some of these scripts will graduate out of the Unproduced realm.
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    Totally down for this. I agree wh the no arguing/debating. We had that here and look where it’s got us. The people who want to move over need to do so for the love of having a community not to punish the haves
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    Movie The Modern Ocean

    Yes, I’m the same. Only just now realising I made it sound like I have it. Which I don’t. Sorry if I misled you there
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    Movie The Mule by Nick Schenk

    I only just searched/saw your forumotion post @cracken. It sounds great. Maybe there is somewhere else to go...
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    Movie The Modern Ocean

    Now attachments are disabled wouldn’t it be cool if we all just started giving each other the things others request. Already started offering what I have on other threads. This is kinda a big ask though
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    Movie The Toymaker's Secret

    This is AMAZING!!! @jbird669 you are my HERO!
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    Movie Overlord

    No front page but been assured legitimacy
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    Movie BAD BLOOD by Vanessa Taylor

    Long shot of the day. Adam Mackay is set to direct wobble Jennifer Lawrence starring. As Deadline reported:
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    Movie A Bigger Splash (2015)

    Unrealistic bump
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    Movie The Modern Ocean

    I can only dream this will make the attainable rounds one day, Carruth is an extraordinary filmmaker, Primer and especially Upstream Color are fascinating features and reading A Topiary was a singular experience. I know Carruth raged when Topiray was leaked so pleased this has found its way out...
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    Movie Fair and Balanced by Charles Randolph

    I was sure I already posted this thread but can’t seem to find it now. The movie is now Untitled but did go under “Fair and Balanced”. Starring Nicole Kidman, John Lithgow, Kate McKinnon, Margot Robbie, and Charlize Theron. The film is written by Academy-Award winner Charles Randolph (“The Big...
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    Movie Untitled Dan Fogelman/Tom Cruise Thriller

    I’m wondering if this ever progressed past the pitching phase? It sold to Warner Bros in 2011 for 2 mill upfront against just higher than $3 million if the movie got made. Anything surface?
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    Movie More Bond

    Amazing insights @scaramanga. John Logan’s skills as a screenwriter aren’t in doubt and I’m certain his draft of “Spectre” would of been an edgier, less commercial take. P&W sanitise Bond in a way, they give him the voice that Barbara and Michael want, they take what could easily lean towards a...
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    Movie More Bond

    Was only a matter of time.
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    Movie Suspiria (2018)

    Yes @Cinescribe66, I love Radiohead/Thom Yorke, his song from one of those godawful Twilight films “Hearing Damage” is the ONLY good thing that came out of those movies (and still frustrates me that it isn’t readily purchasable on iTunes/Spotify). I remember seeing Nolan’s The Prestige at the...
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    Movie Burial Rites