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  1. McMudhouse

    Academy Nominated Short Films

    Vimeo On Demand used to have them available for rental/purchase over the years, but in the last two years, you could only see them in theaters leading up to the Oscars. Magnolia/ShortsTV will release them about a month or two after the awards.
  2. McMudhouse

    Movie Awards Season (2018-19)

    Or we knew he was out for most of the day? ;)
  3. McMudhouse

    Movie Awards Season (2018-19)

    Looks like Paramount is only going to pimp A Quiet Place for their awards this year (at least at this point). Here's the FYC draft:
  4. McMudhouse

    Movie Destination Wedding (2018) - Victor Levin

    Writer/Director: Victor Levin Synopsis: The story of two miserable and unpleasant wedding guests, Lindsay and Frank, who develop a mutual affection despite themselves. Watched this last night and found it to be a fun and intriguing viewing experience (What if John Wick was stuck in a Woody...
  5. McMudhouse

    Movie Twin Peaks The Return

    Thank you, Mr. Jackpots!!!!!!!!!!
  6. McMudhouse

    The Pros & Cons of Trading

    Also, do we need to make a distinction that there are Traders and Collectors? I'm grateful for this site, as it has allowed me to grow my collection and post a few requested scripts that I had access to and weren't readily available. At this stage, since I'm fairly new to it all, I would put...
  7. McMudhouse

    Movie Changing Lanes

    Totally thought I had this one, but couldn't even find it on the drive. As always, much obliged!!! Synopsis: A rush-hour fender-bender on New York City's crowded FDR Drive, under most circumstances, wouldn't set off a chain reaction that could decimate two people's lives. But on this day, at...
  8. McMudhouse

    Movie David Lynch

    Here's a later draft (7-24-85). Also, definitely check out the new book "Room to Dream." Great insight into Blue Velvet.
  9. McMudhouse

    Movie The Confessions of William Henry Ireland

    I know this may be a longshot, but there must be a huge Gaiman fan in this group that has this in their collection and may be willing to share. Been intrigued with this subject for a while and would love to read this. Thanks in advance! Description: The Confessions of William Henry Ireland is...
  10. McMudhouse

    Movie Red Dawn (1984)

    Here's a draft by Kevin Reynolds. Don't have a John Milius draft.
  11. McMudhouse

    Movie Rush

    These are the two I have for the Peter Morgan scripts.
  12. McMudhouse

    Movie The Reincarnation of Peter Proud by Andrew Kevin Walker

    BUMP Just watched this today. It's pretty gonzo and disjointed as far as the execution goes, but I'd love to see how it reads on the page. Definitely room to make an amazing film out of this, especially if Fincher ever returns to it.
  13. McMudhouse

    Creative Screenwriting Magazine Podcast Looks like you can listen to and DL all the old ones via the above link.
  14. McMudhouse

    Movie UNDER THE SILVER LAKE by David Robert Mitchell

    Having seen the film last year during a test screening, it had the same running time at Cannes as it did when I saw it (2:20:00). They didn't cut anything, which is the problem. If it was tighter and slightly more focused it would play much better. He could still keep several of the McGuffins...
  15. McMudhouse

    Movie Twin Peaks The Return

    If there's one episode to get nominated for writing, it'll be Episode 8. I had a chance to talk with Duwayne Dunham (lead editor on the series) after the season had aired. In true Lynch fashion, he said they deviated from the shooting scripts quite a bit. My guess is Mark Frost is cobbling...
  16. McMudhouse

    Judd Apatow MasterClass

    Hey Gang! If you're into his stuff, Judd Apatow's MasterClass is up and running as of yesterday. Wasn't too sure if I could post the Worksheets, but if it's not a problem, I'll do that soon. Lemme know!
  17. McMudhouse

    Movie Request: Exorcist 2: The Heretic (1977)

    It's on the Google Drive, but here you go!
  18. McMudhouse

    Movie Scripts for musicals

    Here's Nine and O Brother.
  19. McMudhouse

    Movie The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

    Holy Shit!!! That's a lot of cooks in that kitchen!!!