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  1. Xxoxia


    @Chaos, I sent you a PM but haven't heard back, so I don't know where I stand with this, but I definitely would like to be in. I know I don't really post regularly on here anymore, but I think you know me enough by now.
  2. Xxoxia

    Movie Searching

    So, does anyone have this? The guy from Lessons From the Screenplay has a draft because he shows it in his new video, but I assume he got it from the writers. He even seems to have a draft of the early scriptment version. I'd like to get these, if possible. Anyone? I've tried tweeting the...
  3. Xxoxia

    Movie Ed Burns Collection: Sidewalks of New York

    I have: She's the One, No Looking Back, Groomsmen, Summertime, Sidewalks of NY, and Nice Guy Johnny.
  4. Xxoxia

    Movie Throw Momma From the Train

    I can! haha.
  5. Xxoxia


    So, where's everyone from in here? I'm moving back to the states from the UK and it seems my destination will be Phoenix, AZ, if anyone is from the area. I'm not a fan of being hot, so I'm kind of scared, but it must be done. It seems to be as close to LA as I can get for now. I'm trying to...
  6. Xxoxia

    Movie Into the Night (1985)

    Is it BB King? I was thinking it was Tom Waits, haha.
  7. Xxoxia

    Movie Into the Night (1985)

    Anyone have this, by any chance? If so, let me know and I'll give you my email.
  8. Xxoxia

    What Lies Beneath (pg 2 of 12-1-99 draft)

    Yeah, I know. Why that page? Haha.
  9. Xxoxia

    Movie Cast Away (shooting or...)

    The draft we had was a bit different from the film. I haven't read the entire thing yet, but one scene that really differs is the plane crash scene. They cut back and forth between the outside of the plane and some command center, and you don't get as intense of a scene.
  10. Xxoxia

    Movie Cast Away (shooting or...)

    Does anyone have a draft of Cast Away that's later than the 3-13-98 draft that we all have? Something closer to the film.
  11. Xxoxia

    Movie Dragged Across Concrete

    Seriously? I thought everyone had this for like a year now, haaha.
  12. Xxoxia

    What Lies Beneath (pg 2 of 12-1-99 draft)

    Does anyone happen to have page 2 of the 12-1-99 draft of What Lies Beneath? It's the page where Claire wakes up the daughter and she goes out in the hall to see the dog.
  13. Xxoxia


    I think what it is, is they don't actually have everything they say they have scanned, so they might have to get around to scanning it, or maybe they don't actually have the script, but have access to it, and they have to go get it.
  14. Xxoxia


    When did you place your order? What was the date? Also tell me your exact order, too. Or order number, if you can.
  15. Xxoxia


    OK cool. Ignore my email, haha.
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    Which email address did you use to place your order?
  17. Xxoxia

    Movie Friday The 13th: The Beginning

    Actually, Dave Macrae just made a video about how he'd make a trilogy to revitalize the series, starting with a film where Pam is starting those fires / etc, and going around killing people at the camp, but we wouldn't know which character she was until the end, etc., expand on what they talked...
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    Did you use the same email address that I know?
  19. Xxoxia


    I'll try emailing them and see if they'll email me back.
  20. Xxoxia

    Movie Erin Brockovich (3/22/99)

    The 3-22-99 draft seems pretty on par with the film. It's the revised shooting draft.