Criterion Collection...

I'll still buy the DVDs. I come for the clean transfer and written essays and stay for the extras. I also rip any director commentaries and put them on a thumb drive to listen while driving. That and I just don't trust digital streaming services. Bought a few movies through Amazon that were made unavailable due to "licensing agreements with the content provider." Nope. I've never had anyone come into my house and physically remove my DVDs due to a licensing issue.
There's something so satisfying about the physical feel and look and vibe of having a library of Criterion Collection films. My dream is that I'll one day make a good movie and get to do one of those "Criterion Closet" segments and snag all the ones I can't afford right now: Lone Wolf and Cub, the Apu Trilogy, John Cassavetes: Five Films, etc. Until then, I'll have this bangin' new channel, which I hear will also have many of the special features available to boot. It's a good time to be alive and loving film.
Kanopy has a lot of Criterion releases streaming. Sadly, there’s a limited number titles you can stream depending on location. You can’t beat free, through.