Disney's The Nutcracker and the (something) and films like it.

Not a massive financial success, not yet, nor does it look to be.
This reminds me of The Great Gatsby a few years back. A film that won Oscars for costumes and sets, not a shot at best pic or screenplay.
My question is: do films like this and Gatsby; I guess The Greatest showman as well, usually get FYCs?
I know Gatsby did. I think Showman was a leak.
I would like to see the description about the sets and costumes.
I think it comes down to how the studio thinks the film will do vs. how it actually ends up. Gatsby was undoubtedly intended to be Oscar bait, due to DiCaprio and the expected landslide of nominations, as seen in 'Moulin Rouge.' It did decently/average so the FYC script was released in the small hope for one of the major awards. The Nutcracker on the other hand doesn't have the super big name in a lead role, as those actors are mostly relegated to supporting parts, isn't based on a major IP (at least when compared to Gatsby), and seems to be a movie that people will question why it was made, as no one was really demanding another film version and the last attempt was a major box office disaster.
I think Disney was looking for a Christmas franchise that could both be a perennial and a synergistic brand. (Come enjoy the Four Realms of Christmas ONLY at Disneyland!) They probably chose the Nutcracker because it was a PD title that had high recognition factor in market research. It became The Four Realms because that is protectable IP, whereas the Nutcracker isn't. Lastly, they want it to be a fantasy extravaganza like the Disney Live Action Fairy tales, because they have all been hits.

It seems like a fairly cynical attempt to build out the Disney juggernaut for the holidays.