Halloween Asylum

If you are one of the people who somehow got a hold of and are currently listing the Stolberg / Goldfinger draft of Halloween Asylum on your trade list, please message me, ASAP.


I love seeing movement on any unproduced Friday/Nightmare/Halloween/etc. so I'm hoping to eventually read this,even if it's 5 years down the line. I'm patient :D
It was the only way I could get a hold of everyone who was trading it.
Personally - and I know everything is utterly shit right now so this is the LAST potential stress you need - I think Josh's response to you about it speaks volumes here. That and it is a bit arrogant to assume your the only other aspiring writer he might of given it to in the first place. This was likely inevitable as an outcome anyway. Someone was going to get it and put it out there eventually. Why your taking responsibility for this - when we know damn good and well it didn't leak out of your camp - really? Let it go. It is all good. It is not your responsibility to police this thing. Bigger fish to fry - Phil.