Movie JOE ESZTERHAS scripts

A repost of Sacred Cows.
The dumbest logline I have ever read in my entire life.
"The US President who has sex with a cow".
If this ever gets made (I doubt it), then you (Mr. Eszterhas)! You need to change the name of the president from Sam to Trump.
I wouldn't mind seeing that. Unfortunately, I'm not sure it would work. IANAL, but I believe there might be a case for libel/slander using Trump like that. Then again, you could always have a fictional obvious stand-in for the President like Arnold Slump or some other character that could be an obvious Trump caricature.
I'm looking for the following scripts by him:
Nark - adapted from one of his own books
Bad Guys (1984) - a thriller for Lorimar
Gangland (1994) - biopic of John Gotti
I just remembered this one that was being sold back in 2011:
It centers on a 30-year old beauty who is married and in love with an older Miami-based fashion magazine publisher, only to be seduced by a younger charming playboy on a business trip in Los Angeles. The playboy has an Russian assistant who is in love with him, and in this twisted jealous love triangle, secretly videotapes him and his new lover having sex to show it to her husband.
Its me again, this time aasking for the original script of Nowhere to Run. It no longer appears in the first page of this thread.
Thanks for Die Shot. I think getting the chance to read all of Eszterhas' unproduced scripts is one of the reasons I joined this site.
Anyone willing to PM some of the scripts mentioned above? Already have BASIC INSTINCT, SHOWGIRLS, and FLASHDANCE - but I'm dying to read anything else by him. Thanks in advance!