Looking for the List of Samuel Goldwyn Screenwriting Competition Winners

... from 1989. Apparently the winner was a script titled "Shot to Hell", placing First out of Four. Third place was a then unknown screenwriter by the name of Scott Rosenberg. This was apparently the script that landed him his first agent, a small boutique agent, but the script didn't sell. I'm trying to find out what the name of the script was. It would be three years later, when Rosenberg and Gary Fleder teamed up for the USC class project, 48-minute short film "Air Time", which premiered at Sundance in 1992, that Rosenberg would make the leap from small time to big time. He landed his agent Barbara Dreyfus at ICM, while catching the attention of hotshot producer Joel Silver. Silver then asked Rosenberg to pitch him something and he pitched him Love Lies Bleeding, which Silver bought with Gary Fleder attached to direct, marking Rosenberg's first script sale as a writer.