Script Trading: The Sharers vs. the Traders

So, I'm new to all of this. Besides here, that's closing shop on the scripts, where else can I go to find this stuff past things like Simply scripts. There was a ton of unproduced stuff I had been looking for years that was here and I'd like to continue my searches


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Would this idea be realistic?

Hear me out. Implement a group buy system, whereby members can vote on what screenplay to buy. Those who vote commit themselves to contribute to the purchase price (renege and you’re banned!). Obviously, the amounts of votes necessary to buy depends on the price of the screenplay. Say, the max. contribution that can be expected never exceeds $50,-. So if a script costs 150,- it needs a min. of three votes to succeed – the more votes the lower the contribution.

Now, you need an incentive for people to contribute to this system.

For me personally this would be ideal: again, hear me out. Implement a token system. Whereby members receive a number of tokens depending on their contribution to a group buy. Say a group buy that requires the max. contribution of the fore mentioned $50,- will land you 5 tokens. So basically, 1 token per $10,-. What can you do with these tokens? Well, you can exchange tokens for previously bought scripts – ‘cause obviously members who don’t contribute to a gb won’t get the purchased script, easy right. But, and this bit requires some ‘philanthropy’ from certain members, some people might not care about a specific draft of a certain screenplay that purists do. So to get those members to contribute, maybe certain members can put up some heretofore not shared scripts. Now, obviously such scripts would be uploaded to an encrypted service like MEGA or something, and made available only directly to a member who trades the required amount of tokens for one of those scripts. And again, to get tokens just must contribute. Simple, right?

But such a system requires decent community leaders to operate and run it. Specifically one designated buyer and a funds manager. Also someone needs to manage and index those collected scripts.

I for one, think this would be very appealing. But, what do I know, right.
So, as someone that has been collecting scripts for a while, I've mostly just did it for research purposes as well as to study the craft of screenwriting. As for which side I'm on, sharing is caring.