That's the way to do it (Money for nothin' and the chicks for free)

“[For First Reformed] I had the character from Diary of a Country Priest,I had the premise from Winter Light, I had the ending from Ordet, I had the levitation from Tarkovsky’s The Mirror, I had the credits from Voyage to Italy—I was stealing all over the place. . . .The secret of stealing is that you have to steal around. You can’t go back to the same 7-Eleven every time. They catch you. So you go to the floral shop. Then you go to the gas station. Then you go to that hotdog stand that nobody goes to. And you keep grabbing this stuff and eventually, somebody will think you made it up.”
Writer/Director Paul Schrader
The Moment with Brian Koppelman (5/22/18)

From Screenwriting From Iowa

"If you're gonna cheat, cheat fair!" (hit everybody)